Welfare and Positions

CrownRe cares each employee, and share the developing achievements.

2020 Positions

1. Materials Engineers-Full Time

Requirements: master degree or above, with experience on production position.

Cultivating Direction: Division Technology Director, Division Production Director.

2. Financial Director-Full Time

Requirements: Bachelor degree or above, more than 3 years experience on accounting firm or financial experience on production firm.

Cultivating Direction: Division CFO

3. Marketing Director- Full Time

Requirements: more than 1 year sales/marketing experience, and other related work experience is preferred.

Cultivating Direction: Division Sales/Marketing Director

HR Email:

1. Offer comfortable working environment;

2. Strictly enjoy the legal holidays, and plus international holidays, Family Leave for part of employees.

3. Legal insurances, plus traffic and lunch subsidy etc.

4. Apparently higher salary than peer company.