About Thermal Barrier coatings TBCs -2

The best thermal barrier coatings materials for you.

When finding the best solution for you, we first choose the optimal process for your part’s geometry and material composition. We then select a coating material to meet your specifications. And if we don’t have the best solution for your operation, we’ll develop it—designing proper sample characteristics and tailoring coating microstructure and performance to meet your requirements. 

When operating under extreme high temperature, the structural material of your most critical components is at risk for degradation. Thermal protections are needed to ensure both performance and durability. But we take it one step further. With our line of nearly 100 thermal barrier coatings, we can protect and even extend the operating life of your most critical components.  




Enhanced oxidation and corrosion resistance

EBPVD Thermal Barrier Coatings (TBCs)

Low weight and high strain tolerance; used for advanced turbine blades and vanes

High-temperature abradable coatings

Thermal insulation in high-temperature environments with gas path sealing

Low-density TBCs

Thermal insulation


Enhanced oxidation and corrosion resistance


Thermal insulation, superior strain tolerance and optimal erosion resistance